what is foot spa

What is a Foot Spa?

The word spa conjures up relaxation and luxury. A foot spa pampers your achy feet with soothing heat and gentle and relaxing vibrations, giving you an excellent massage that your feet will not forget in a hurry!

A foot spa is a device filled with water which can be used to massage and soothe your aching feet after a long day at work.

If you do not have a foot spa machine, you can always soak your feet in a basin of warm water. The warm water releases the tension in your feet and softens your skin at the same time.

You can add your preferred essential oils and bath salts to a foot spa for the perfect foot spa experience.

The Benefits of a Foot Spa

A foot spa has myriad benefits for your body. It is well-known in Ayurveda medicine and reflexology that the feet hold the body’s pressure points. A foot spa has many benefits, such as:

1. Increased blood circulation

If you spend a lot of time on your feet or lead a sedentary lifestyle and do not exercise much, you could have poor circulation.

If you wear tight and pointy shoes such as high heels, which are bad for your feet, this can hinder proper circulation.

Massaging your feet for ten minutes every day helps oxygen to absorb into your body cells, which is critical for your overall body health.

2. Helps with insomnia

The best time to have a foot massage is just before retiring to bed. A relaxing and soothing foot massage improves circulation, relaxes you, and allows you to sleep better.

3. Relieves aches and pains

If a foot massage is done properly, it eases aches and pains such as upper back ache, neck pain, and migraine.

4. Improves our Momod

Reflexology and foot massage enhance your mood, which helps in tackling depression. There are specific points on your feet linked to mood improvement.

Massaging these pressure points or applying pressure for a few minutes twice or three times a day helps in mood improvement. 

5. Healthier feet

To keep your feet healthy and pain free, get a regular foot massage. A massage helps to stimulate your foot muscles, to reduce stiffness and ankle and heel pain.

A five-minute massage every day makes your ankles flexible and strong, which can prevent nasty foot and ankle injuries.

6. Alleviates edema

Pregnant women are prone to edema or foot and ankle swelling caused by fluid retention. This is common in the last trimester.

A foot massage can help alleviate this. However, reflexologists warn against foot massages for pregnant women as some pressure points could cause preterm labor. 

What to Add to Your Foot Spa

what is foot spa

You can add various things to your foot spa, all with varying results:

Mouthwash and vinegar

One suggestion is a combination of Epsom salt, vinegar, and alcohol-based mouthwash, which help in hydrating cracked heels. After a 15-25-minute soak, use a pumice to remove any dead skin. 

Tea tree oil

This is a natural antiseptic and works wonders in removing any bacterial infection or inflammation threat. Use 3 drops of this oil and afterward, use an absorbing powder.

Chamomile tea

This has inflammatory properties and, when inhaled, has relaxation properties. For dry feet, add two tablespoons of olive oil to the mix for moisturizing purposes.


Rosemary is a mild stimulant that helps blood circulation around the feet. It is useful for people with joint pain and rheumatic pains.

Conclusion: A Word From the WellnessCouncil

A foot spa is a welcome therapy for your feet, which work so hard to keep you up and about. Pampering your feet is the least you can do to repay them and keep them healthy.

It is always advisable to do proper research before indulging in any massage, especially if you are pregnant. A few additions to your spa water can make a big difference, depending on what you want to achieve.

Essential oils and Epsom salt are excellent additions, but ensure you read thoroughly before you go ahead.

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