What to Wear to a Massage

Massages are not just relaxing – they can confer numerous health benefits.

While visiting the clinic for a massage might be a no brainer, what about deciding what to wear?

For someone new to massages, determining the right outfit for a massage might be a source of anxiety and even embarrassment.

After reading this article you'll know what (and what not) to wear to a massage.

What Do I Wear During a Massage

It’s Best to Wear as Little as Possible

Excessive clothing interferes with the ability to reach deep into the tissues, which is where the true healing action of a massage happens.

Also, one important aspect of massage is the human-to-human connection between the masseuse and the client. The hands, elbows, and sometimes feet in traditional Thai massage, actually touching the skin during the massage are considered healing by many, in and of themselves.

Many traditional massages even suggest that clients wear nothing. Understandably, this can create unease for many, especially when members of the opposite sex are involved. If you can learn to relax, to overcome your embarrassment of shyness, going for your massage in your birthday suit could be ideal.

Most massage therapists are sensitive to the vulnerability of being naked, so they take care to cover up sensitive body parts with towels while focusing on other areas for massage.

For those who only feel comfortable at a massage covering up, there are clothing options that don’t interfere too much with the massage.


Wearing underwear during massage is a common strategy to overcome anxiety about being naked in front of another person (the massage therapist).

Try to avoid bulky or ornate underwear for your massage, though – keep it simple! Sports bras, for example, are better choices because they are sleeker, lighter, and tighter fitting than conventional bras.

Swimming Suits

For whatever psychological reason, some people feel that swimming suits are less intimate or revealing than underwear.

Perhaps this is because being around strangers in swimming apparel has historically been commonplace at the pool or the beach. In any case, your massage therapist will likely understand.

Remove Accessories

Like bulky clothing, accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches are all no-nos to wear during your massage.

Ask the clinic staff for a secure personal locker to keep them in, or just take them off at the table and leave them beside you during the duration of the massage.

Remember to collect them after the massage.

How and Where to Dress for Your Massage at the Clinic

Nearly all massage clinics have changing rooms, spacious private areas where you can change your clothes and prepare mentally for your massage.

Whether you are wearing your underwear or going naked, take this time alone while changing to try to relax.

Remind yourself that your massage therapist is there to help you heal, not to judge. Masseuses see hundreds, often thousands, of clients every year. 

Everyone is sometimes insecure about their bodies or feeling vulnerable. Instead of running away, why not take this opportunity to build up the courage to confront your fears? You might be glad you did.