How to Make Massage Lotion

How to Make Massage Lotion

Have you ever thought of making your own massage lotion instead of buying it from the store? It might sound like a very long, tedious and intimidating process, but it is super easy.

You will never go to the store to buy store-sold massage lotion again!

The beauty about making your own massage lotion is that you can add any ingredients and scent you choose.

Once you get the basics, you can make practically any massage lotion you want, and you can customize it to your preferred texture. Here are some massage lotion recipes you can use to make your very own massage lotion.

Citrus Massage Lotion


  • 1 tablespoon shea butter.
  • 1 tablespoon avocado oil.
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa butter. 
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil.
  • 1 tablespoon beeswax cubes. 
  • 25 drops liquid sunshine.
  • 5 drops wild orange.
  • A glass jar that will withstand high heat.
  • Small whisk.
  • Small jar for the finished product.


Combine all the ingredients except the scented oils in a glass jar. Place the jar in a pot of water (about 2 inches high) and bring it to the boil. Make sure that absolutely no water gets into the mixture because that will cause it to get moldy.  

Allow the ingredients to melt, making sure they have melted completely and mixed adequately (especially the beeswax) before removing the pot from the heat. Wait for one minute for it to cool, then pour the mixture into your preferred container and add the essential oils. Leave the lotion to set for 2-12 hours before use. 

How to Make Massage Lotion

Lavender Massage Lotion


  • Coconut oil
  • Macadamia oil
  • Lavender essential oil

How to Make Lavender Massage Lotion


Put ¼ cup of macadamia oil and ¾ cup of coconut oil into a small saucepan. Heat the pan over a low heat to melt the oils. Stir occasionally to mix them and remove the saucepan from the heat once the oils have adequately combined. Put 48 drops of lavender essential oil into the mixture and mix thoroughly. Pour the mixture into your preferred container and let the mixture cool before use.

How to Make Borax Massage Lotion


  • 1 cup distilled or filtered water
  • ½ teaspoon borax powder
  • 2 cups rice bran oil or apricot kernel oil
  • 4 tablespoons of beeswax


Put the distilled or filtered water into a large pot and mix in ½ a teaspoon of borax powder. Pour the rice bran or apricot kernel oil into a large heatproof bowl and add the beeswax. In a medium-sized pot, fill water up to the halfway mark and place the large container on top of this pot, making a double boiler.

The container has to be bigger than the pot so that it does not fall into the water. Put the pot with the bowl on top on a medium heat so the water boils gently.

Stir the melting ingredients until they thoroughly combine. Take the bowl off the top of the pot and set aside. Return the pot with the borax water to the stove and boil the mixture on medium heat.

Add the borax water into the oil and beeswax mixture and stir well until the ingredients are well blended, or mix them in a blender. Pour into glass jars and leave to cool before use.

Chocolate Massage Lotion


  • 1 ounce cocoa butter
  • ½ ounce almond oil
  • 5 to 15 drops chocolate-flavored essential oils


In the bottom of a double boiler, bring water to a slow boil. Add a pan on top of the boiler, turn off the heat and add the cocoa butter, which is the main ingredient and lends the lotion its name.

Melt the butter and swirl the pan until the cocoa butter completely melts. Add the almond oil, which is rich in vitamin E and helps to keep the lotion light and smooth. Swirl the pan or use a metal spoon to make sure the two combine well. 

Please do not skip this next step or the massage lotion will lose its fragrance. You need the oil to be just above room temperature. At this stage, check the lotion’s consistency. If you want the lotion to be thinner, heat it some more and add more almond oil.

If you want it thicker, return to the stove and add cocoa butter. Cool it first and proceed to the next step. Depending on the preferred lotion thickness, stir, whip, or mix the chocolate-flavored essential oils.

Start with about 5 drops and go up to 15 drops depending on how strong you want the scent. If you want the lotion to look like chocolate, add food coloring.

Edible Massage Lotion


  • ¼ teaspoon of honey 
  • ¼ cup vegetable glycerin (food grade)
  • ¼ teaspoon organic extracts such as almond, vanilla, or orange extract


Whisk everything together until thoroughly combined and then pour into a clean bottle or glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. All these ingredients have long shelf lives but, to be safe, use within six months.

Conclusion: A Word From the WellnessCouncil

Buying massage lotion is super expensive, considering massage lotions are used up faster in comparison to oils. This is because they are absorbed more quickly into the skin, so you need more reapplications per massage. Making your own lotion ensures it contains only the ingredients you want and you can customize the lotion, which is really useful if you are allergic to any ingredients.

The old saying that a journey begins with a single step is valid here. To embark on the lotion-making journey, all you need is to start. Within a short time, you will have mastered the art. Massage lotions are so easy to make, you will wonder why you ever bought from the store! 

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