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The kind of massage experience you enjoy has a lot to do with the type of massage place you choose.

Whether you are looking for an unwinding experience, or you are an athlete looking to integrate massage in your workout routine, selecting the right massage place is essential.

Here are the indicators of the best massage places in 2019.


Quality indicator: The Wellness Council Badge

To ensure that experienced and qualified employees offer the massage services you get, the first thing you need to check is certification.

The best massage places should be checked by The Wellness Council. You can tell whether the massage place is registered by checking for the wellness Council Badge on the massage place website.

WellnessCouncil Massage Badge

With more than eighteen years of experience in the wellness and health fields, the wellness council comprises of individuals with extensive knowledge of the massage and wellness industry. We also understand the importance of massage therapy to the human body and why competence and professionalism are important. This is why the wellness council badge is so important.

To get the Wellness Council badge, a massage place undergoes vetting by the wellness council advisory board. The vetting process entails checking that the massage place meets the highest quality standards. Once the board is satisfied that the massage spa meets these standards, the spa is awarded the badge. 

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What to look for in the best massage place

1. Cleanliness

A clean spa is a safe spa. Massage places deal with human bodies. Therefore, bacterial and fungal infections can spread quickly if the management is not keen on hygiene. 

The towels and sheets should be laundered and disinfected before they are used again. Also, check that the spa sterilizes the tools they use for the various services offered.

2. Qualified therapists

The best massage places should have certified therapists in attending. The spa should have information about their therapists, their qualifications an years of experience.

Also, you should be able to get information about their expertise based on different treatment methods.

3. The treatments and products

Massage places have a catalogue of services and treatment options. From four handed-massages to flower baths, hot stone therapies or foot massages, the right massage place should have this catalogue to show the specific details of each process. 

Also, check for available packages that include multiple treatments at a discounted rate.

The best massage places will use the best quality products in their treatment processes. Go for massage places that use organic product lines. These are better for your body and skin as opposed to the chemical-based ones. 

4. Private massage rooms and changing rooms

A massage place should have options for group massage rooms or individual massage rooms. It should also have private changing rooms and possibly lockers for the clients.

The massage rooms should also be spacious enough, should have comfortable massage beds, clean air circulation, and a relaxing atmosphere.

A Word from the Wellness Council

With new massage places popping up every day, ensuring you get the best service from the best massage places is essential. With the information above, finding the best massage places in 2019 should be a more effortless undertaking.

Just take a look at the places’ website and check for the Wellness Council BEST Badge.