A massage table is one of a massage therapist’s most valuable assets.

Different clients from all walks of life will be using your table from time to time.

You therefore need to adopt proper hygiene standards and properly clean your table after each massage session.

Doing so will not only keep the table germ free. It will also help to prolong its lifetime. It also creates a good impression with your clients, who will then be more comfortable working with you.

Products Needed

Fortunately, most of the items needed are readily available; you may already have some that you bought for other uses. Here is what you will need:

  • Paper towels
  • Soap and water
  • Spray cleanser
  • Lint-free cloth

Frequency of Cleaning a Massage Table

A massage table ought to be cleaned after every use. Although you might have covered the bed with paper or cloth sheeting while in use, sweat and germs can still be left behind, even if it appears clean. If left to dry on, the table could become contaminate with bacteria.It\’s also advisable to do a thorough cleaning at least once per week. During this cleanup, do a complete check on all the table parts to ensure they are in good condition. Look out for minor problems such as loose screws or bolts.

Cleaning Procedure

  1. Remove all linens or paper sheets that may have been used on the massage table. (These should be changed after every use.)
  2. Spray the table with a mixture of a detergent and water. The detergent should be antibacterial to help disinfect the surfaces and get rid of any germs stuck on the bed.
  3. Wipe off the mixture with dry paper towels. Pay close attention to the curved areas of the bed, they are prime breeding points for germs and bacteria.
  4. Wet a paper towel and use it to clean off the soapy residue.
  5. Dry off the table with a dry cloth.
  6. Wet the lint-free cloth, spray it with a mild cleaner, and use it clean the base area of the table.

Main Takeaways

There is much more to a clean massage table than just removing stains. It should be germ-free and so should all the items used in the massage process.

Keep the massage table covered at all times. Leaving it bare is equivalent to exposing it to dirt and bacteria.

Have several protective sheets for covering the massage table whenever it is not in use. Never leave the table exposed to extreme temperatures; this can weaken the surface and make it vulnerable to external damage such as rips and tears