The Benefits of a Back Massage

The Benefits of a Back Massage

Back massages feel good and soothe away tiredness and any body aches.

After a long day at work at the office or doing manual labor, a back massage does wonders.

Massage has a long history and is full of benefits, other than the feel-good factor.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Back massage has many benefits, for example:

Increased Blood Flow

A back massage increases blood flow and circulation, thus improving nutrition to the tissues and muscles. This helps in the recovery of aching and sore muscles, especially for people who have done strenuous physical activity or those with tissue injury such as muscle strain.

Relieving Tension

Muscles get tense when under a lot of strain. Muscle relaxation from a massage improves your back’s flexibility, relieves pain caused by tight muscles, and helps you sleep better.

Organs benefit from a back massage, as they share pain pathways with nerves, bones, and muscles. When your nerves, bone, and muscles are in distress, organs suffer too and can become distressed or even dysfunctional.

For instance, lower back pain can make menstrual cramps worse as they tense up the lower back muscles. A massage can relieve the symptoms associated with organ function and muscles.

Increased Endorphin Levels

Endorphins, released by the brain during a massage, are also called the feel-good hormone. A back massage leads to increased endorphins, which enhances your mood and eases depression and anxiety.

This helps to significantly reduce pain and speed up your recovery, especially if you are suffering from chronic neck and back pain.

Best Massage Therapy

There are many types of back massage, some of which can be done at home while others should be left to professional therapists.

  • Therapeutic massage: This type of massage targets an area of your back to relieve pain and discomfort.
  • Deep tissue massageThis type of massage requires a trained professional. With this technique a lot of force is used to reach connective tissues and muscles on a deeper level than other massage types.
  • Swedish massageThis is a gentler form of massage than the deep tissue massage. It uses long, circular movements similar to kneading, and vibration and tapping.
  • Sports massage: A sports massage is for athletes. It helps in both preventing injury and helping an athlete with an injury to heal faster.
  • Shiatsu massage: This is a Japanese massage which is performed rhythmically putting pressure all over your body. Its sole intention is to stimulate your body into healing itself.

Conclusion: A Word From the WellnessCouncil

A back massage not only feels good but also has medicinal benefits such as increasing blood flow, pain relief, and improving your mood.

Before getting a massage for any back pain, ensure you rule out any underlying illness. Always go to a trained therapist who will give you the full benefits of a professional back massage.


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