Best Massage Chair

Massage therapy can help relieve back pain and relax tense muscles.

In today’s fast-paced world where people hardly have time to relax.

The best massage chair could be all you need to help you relax after a hard day’s work.

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Quick Comparison: Top Massage Chairs

#1st RatediDeal Shiatsu Massage Chair

iDeal Full Featured Shiatsu Massage Chair

The iDeal Full Featured Shiatsu the best massage chair that we have reviewed. Check it out on Amazon!

#2nd RatedReal Relax Massage Chair

Real Relax Massage Chair

A solid allround choice, if you also want to get your body massaged. Has a programmed massage modes.

#3rd RatedRelaxonchair MK V Massage Chair

Relaxonchair MK V Full Body Zero Gravity

This chair is a bit more expensive, but has all the features you could possible need. Click the red button now.

#4th RatedMecor Heated Leather Massage Chair

Mecor Leather Massage Chair

If you are on a budget, this is your choice. Mecor Leather is very, very affordable. The cheapest reviewed chair.

#5th RatedRELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus Massage Chair

Relaxonchair MK-2-Plus

Has a good combination of features, but the foot massages can be painful. Massage techniques are limited.

Considerations to Make when Choosing a Massage Chair

There are a number of factors to consider, the main one being  the size. Is the chair the ideal size for your body type?

Will it fit well in the space you have for it?

The best home massage chair for you will be the one ideal for your space.

So you may want to consider a high quality brant designed with space-saving capability.

Then you need to think about the price and the manufacturer’s warranty.

Select the Right Material and Upholstery

Many massage chairs on the market are made of leather while some come in synthetic material. The materials and upholstery you choose will depend on why you want a massage chair.

Do you, for instance, suffer from severe back pain? Is your job physically demanding? Do you experience joint pain?

If you suffer from any of these conditions, you will want to consider the best-rated massage chair for your entire body. In this case, you’ll need a chair with a vast range of features.

A big percentage of massage chairs come with standard kneading and vibration features. But recent technological advances mean modern massage chairs with multiple features, as you’ll see below.

Inbuilt Auto Programs

Some massage chairs come with pre-installed programs set for specific areas of your body.

  • Speed and Power: This functions allows you to customize your massage chair depending on your needs​​
  • Infrared Heat: This comes in handy for providinge relief to tense muscles
  • Airbags: Apart from enhancing blood circulation, airbags offer extra relief on your muscles.
  • Rollers: Consider the size of the rollers as well as the roller track down your back. A massage chair with rollers extending down to the lower back and up to the neck is ideal.
  • Slanting Position: Some massage chairs under $1,000 feature slanting features to maximize the massage experience. Zero gravity positioning, for instance, can eliminate pressure from your spine.

There are even More Features

Some massage chairs come with additional features to facilitate massaging of the arms, legs, and head. Consider a massage chair with these advanced options if you experience problems in these areas.

Benefits of a Massage Chair

There are numerous benefits to getting a massage. Massage can soothe your muscles and alleviate pain. Getting a massage is one way of stimulating blood circulation throughout your body. Studies suggest that massage therapy is an effective back pain treatment option. Massage chairs promote sleep, relaxation, reduces stress, and helps to improve posture.

And it is worth considering massage therapy before embarking on complex medical treatment or a course of drugs. Here’s how having a massage chair in your home could benefit you.

Massage Chair Used by a Woman

A Wide Variety of Massage Techniques

Many massage chairs come with multiple massage techniques. This helps users identify the techniques that work best for their needs.

Round the Clock Massage

A massage chair eliminates the need to schedule massage sessions. You choose when you want to get the massage regardless of the day or time.

What’s more, you don’t have to spend money on massage sessions and you can do it at your own convenience and comfort.

Value for Your Money

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Massage chairs aren’t cheap. However, they’re valuable investments. The benefits you get from the massage will soon outweigh the expense.

A massage chair could work out cheaper in the long term than having to regularly visit a massage parlor.

What is more, massage chairs are not only durable, but many of them come with an extended manufacturer’s warranty.

Lower Back Pain Relief

Many massage chairs come with unique features designed to alleviate lower back pain. These include airbags and rollers that can boost massage around the lower back area.

Some massage chairs come with heated pads that facilitate a heated massage to boost pain relief.

Stretching Muscles

Some massage chairs can stretch your muscles, just as you would during a yoga session.

Foot Massages

Some advanced massages chairs come with versatile foot massagers to give you a personalized experience.

Relaxation & Spinal Relief

Relaxation is crucial after a hard day at work. A massage chair can help relax your entire body while you take the weight off your feet.

Different massage chairs use different technologies to detect and target spinal muscles during a massage. This helps stretch your vertebrae, alleviate back pain, and promote spinal relief.

Promotes Post Workout Recovery

Getting a massage after your workout helps reduce the production of cytokines, which are responsible for muscle inflammation.

Massage helps post workout recovery

Further, massage can trigger mitochondria, which changes glucose to the energy necessary for cell repair and function. This can promote your immune system. With a massage chair at home, a massage could be all you need to keep sickness at bay.

An Honest Review of the 5 Best Massage Chairs

Here is a review of various massage chairs to ease your search.

#1 IDeal Shiatsu Massage Chair

iDeal Shiatsu Massage Chair

The iDeal Shiatsu Massage Chair comes with a 3D body scan. This is a great feature which you’re only likely to find in more expensive massage chairs.

The iDeal scans your entire body to identify your pressure areas. It then adjusts the rollers accordingly before the massage begins to maximize your massage experience.

Further, the iDeal massage chair features the Zero gravity seating feature. Users can leverage the three available Zero gravity positions to enhance their massage experience. Enjoy four massage options with this chair, which are: vibration, spinal rolling, shiatsu, and kneading. You will also get a basic heat function, which is limited to the lumbar area. But while you can easily turn the heat on you can’t adjust the temperature.


  • It’s affordable
  • It scans your body to identify problem areas
  • The roller is long enough to cover your back up to the tailbone


  • It doesn’t have a roller massage option for the feet
  • Can be noisy
  • iDeal massage chair comes with limited features

#2 Real Relax Shiatsu Full Body Zero Gravity

Real Relax Massage Chair

The Real Relax Shiatsu Recliner Massage Chair features an air massage system with 35 bags located in different areas around the chair.

These offer a complete body massage with special focus on the shoulders, arms, calves, feet, thighs, and hips.

This chair’s heating feature stimulates blood circulation and boosts relaxation across the entire body. And you can adjust the speed and intensity settings for a personalized experience.

The air pressure option comes with four varying levels, designed to make users feel rejuvenated.

Programmed Massage Modes

The Real Relax Shiatsu Recliner Massage Chair comes with 5 programmed modes: tapping, kneading, air pressure, shiatsu, and heating.

It also has a scanning technology which established your weight and the length of your spine, and identifies problem areas to give you a personalized massage.

The dual roller technology is critical for stress elimination.

This massage chair comes with an inbuilt vacuum fluorescent display screen (VFD) that can be read at a distance and has a control panel that enables you to regulate the automatic massage programs


  • Affordable
  • Designed to offer full-body relaxation
  • It’s easy to adjust


  • It tends to squeak
  • The chair is slightly smaller than other models
  • May be uncomfortable even when used in mild mode

#3 Relaxonchair MK-V

Relaxonchair MK V Massage Chair

The Relaxonchair MK-V full body zero gravity Shiatsu massage chair comes with 9 pre-set automatic programs.

It also features manual massage functions, and you can also enjoy a full thirty minutes continuous massages. Other functions include an air massage system, a body scanning system, and a roller back massage system.

The body scanning system helps the chair identify problem areas and adjusts the roller according to your needs.


The Relaxonchair MK-V comes with five regular and four special programs, including stretching and yoga. It also has 20 airbags located on the arm, shoulder, thigh, hand, feet, and calves regions. You can adjust the pressure and intensity depending on your needs.

The heel and dual foot roller in this massage chair generate a triple action to soothe your tired feet, enhance blood circulation in your muscles and improve healing. You can adjust the shoulder height to fit your needs.

All in all, the air massage mode and automatic programs promise you a good massage experience.

Back heating

The Relaxonchair MK-V uses carbon fiber as a heating source to give you a stable and fast heating function. It has a foot massager which comes with 20 airbags for the Achilles tendon, heel, front, and back. It also has a shiatsu footplate to boost your foot massage experience


  • It has a footplate for added comfort
  • The ottoman can be extended
  • It adjusts automatically to meet individual needs


  • It’s not made of pure leather
  • The instructions in the manual are poor
  • It doesn’t have a neck massage option

#4 Mecor Heated Leather Massage Chair

Mecor Heated Leather Massage Chair

The Mecor Leather Recliner Chair Massage Chair comes with an 8 point massage, 5 massage modes, and a heating system. It massages the lower back, upper back, lumbar, and thigh area and leaves you relaxed.

This chair will come in handy to eliminate pain and stretch your shoulder muscles.

It’s made of excellent quality soft bonded leather and a robust wood frame. The arms are padded and the seat is comfortable enough. If you experience back problems or are recovering from surgery, this chair could be what you need.

Mecor massage chair comes in two pieces which makes the assembly process easy.

You will only need to slide the back part to the base and connect three cables without using any tools. The chair comes with a remote control which you can use to change heat and massage mode with ease. It also features two cup holders where you can conveniently keep your drinks. There are inbuilt pockets where you can store the remote control and other accessories.


  • It features a 360 degrees swivel
  • The heating system helps relieve pain within a short time
  • Has a head support and a padded armrest to feel comfortable


  • It’s slightly expensive
  • Turning the heat may cause uncomfortable vibrations
  • No clear instructions on how to connect the cables

#5 Relaxonchair MK-II PLUS Massage Chair


The Relaxonchair MK-II PLUS Massage Chair could be one of the best chairs in the world. It comes with various features and techniques such as zero gravity mode.

The combination of airbags and rollers is essential in warming your leg, back, and arm muscles.

One special feature it includes is spinal compression, which focuses on stretching your muscles and relieving your spine. This is an essential feature if your job involves lots of sitting in the car or office.

The Relaxonchair MK-II PLUS Massage Chair comes with unique airbags designed to separately inflate or deflate. This triggers the body to stretch and twist along the lower back, shoulders, thighs, and hips.

The buttock L-tracking massage system ensures that the rollers move from the back downwards to give you a full body massage.

This chair uses a computerized body scanning system to detect problem areas and calculate the spine length, adjusting itself to on your individual needs. On top of that, this chair is available at an affordable price and is made from quality synthetic leather.


  • It offers a good combination of features and is reasonably priced
  • It features a spinal decompression feature to stretch your muscles
  • It comes with a zero gravity feature to help relieve pressure


  • Foot massages are likely to be painful
  • It comes with limited massage techniques
  • May not be ideal for people who prefer deeper massages

Our Top Pick: The Best Massage Chair

We can say that the Real Relax Shiatsu Full Body Zero Gravity Recliner Massage Chair is one of the best quality massage chairs.

It gives a full body massage that enhances blood circulation and promotes relaxation. Unlike some of the other massage chairs mentioned here, it doesn’t create excess annoying noise. This means you can use it at any time or the day or night.

If you’re working on a budget, this is among the most reasonably priced massage chairs there is on the market. If you struggle with post-workout exhaustion, we recommend you use this massage chair to relax and alleviate muscle pain.