Massage Chair While Pregnant

Massage Chair While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a beautiful period for any woman wanting a child. The pregnancy period is, however, full of challenges.

Your body undergoes many changes, and a massage is always a welcome way to relax. 

A prenatal massage works well to reduce back and joint pain, edema, muscle pain, and stress. It improves circulation, oxygenation of muscles and soft tissues, and induces better sleep.

Massage Chair IconA typical pregnancy massage lasts up to an hour. Some massage therapists use a massage table specially designed to accommodate your pregnant belly. Pillows or bolsters, also specially designed, can help to position you comfortably on your side. These pillows are especially useful during the later stages of pregnancy.Studies show that massage therapy during pregnancy reduces symtoms of depression and anxiety, and improves labor outcomes by reducing the risk of childbirth trauma and episiotomy. There are different techniques of massage therapy and one of the most common is a Swedish massage. A Swedish massage is highly recommended during pregnancy as it alleviates the skeletal and circulatory discomfort caused by hormonal changes. It also relaxes muscular tension and improves blood and lymphatic circulation. Read more at the American Pregnancy Association about the basics.

Massage Chairs During Pregnancy

These days you have the option of buying a massage chair and having a massage in the comfort of your own home.

But good massage chairs do not come cheap, but the more important question is: Is using a massage chair during pregnancy safe?

The benefits of a massage chair during pregnancy are the same as traditional massages by improving blood circulation in your upper body, e.g.:

  • It eases back pain
  • It has mild vibrations that do not severely jar your body.
  • Why You Should Take Care While Using a Massage Chair

    Chair massages are relatively safe but should be used with caution during certain stages in your pregnancy. Some of the reasons why massage is considered unsafe during pregnancy are:

    • The massage chair heating pad increases your body temperature, which can spike your baby’s heart rate, possibly leading to cardiovascular problems.
    • Massaging particular pressure points can lead to pre-term labor, and a massage chair may stimulate these pressure points

    What to Keep in Mind…

    Before rushing to use a massage chair while pregnant, you must do due diligence. Here are a few things that might be useful before you start using a massage chair:

    • Avoid using a massage chair in your first trimester as the vibrations might trigger preterm labor. Miscarriages are known to be high during the first trimester.
    • Avoid using a massage chair if you have a history of preeclampsia, pre-term labor, headaches, or your pregnancy is considered high risk

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