What to Wear on a Massage Table?

Massages are designed to be therapeutic and relaxing.

However, many novice clients get anxious about what to wear on a massage table.

There are a number questions you may want to ask when you are about how to dress. 

Below we answer a few of them.

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What is the Appropriate Dress Code?

When going for a massage, you can walk in the parlor dressed in whatever makes you feel comfortable. You can come in wearing your office clothes or casual wear.

Your therapist doesn’t have restrictions regarding what you wear on a massage table.

Will you be undressed?

Your massage therapist will discuss any health conditions you may have. These include injuries and pregnancy. They will also explain the massage treatments they offer and establish what suits you best.

Once you’ve made your decision, the therapist will allow you to disrobe in private. You will be handed a blanket to drape over yourself when on the table.

For a proper massage, you will need to undress. You can keep on your undergarments, although women are usually expected to remove their bra. This is to allow the therapist to work effectively on their back.

Men can wear loose-fitting boxers. Boxer briefs, however, can make it difficult to massage some areas such as the thighs and hips. You could take a pair of shorts if you want an injury or treatment-related massage around the hip area.

You will need to remove any jewelry, and clip up long hair.

Will you be Overly Greasy After the Massage?

Massage oils are an essential part of the massage process. While your therapist will use oils freely, they will wipe any excess from your body.

The therapist will also exercise caution to shield your hair from the massage oils.

Conclusion: How to Dress on a Massage Table

The benefits of a massage are not just experienced during the massage or shortly after it, but throughout the rest of the day. 

After a long, deep massage your body will flush out a tremendous amount of metabolic waste and you will urinate frequently throughout the day. If you don't drink water, you prevent your kidneys from doing their work. So, the sooner you begin drinking water, the sooner you'll begin to experience the health-giving benefits of massage.

Since water is essential for life, you should make it a habit to drink as much water as necessary to maintain your good health. However, your body will need more water after massage, because it will help your kidneys to continue the process of detoxification for as long as necessary.

Beverages After A Massage