Pregnancy Massage Table: Are they Dangerous?

Therapists offer this service using their hands but as your pregnancy advances, they might consider using a pregnancy massage table.

This table is specially designed to accommodate a woman’s belly.

This article discusses both options, highlighting some of the important factors you should consider while using either of the method.

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For expectant women, a prenatal massage can go a long way in soothing the pains and stress brought about by carrying a pregnancy.

During pregnancy, women are carrying many more pounds around and they start walking in different ways or sleeping in different positions.

All this can create aches and pains. Fortunately, many of these aches only need a professional massage to relieve them.

Safety of Prenatal Massages

Pregnancy massages are generally considered safe and beneficial. However, there are times when an expectant woman should think twice about getting one.

Some professional prenatal massage therapists do not recommend massage during the first trimester. During this period, the pregnancy is still forming and is therefore very fragile.

Undergoing a massage could lead to undesired consequences such as dizziness, feeling sickly, or, in the worst scenario, even a miscarriage. A massage boosts blood flow and as much as this is healthy, it might be a good idea during your first trimester.

Expectant women who are suffering from medical conditions such as high blood pressure or congenital heart disease should also think carefully before having a prenatal massage.

Massage therapies can affect your blood flow, something that can negatively impact these health conditions. If you have a preexisting condition, it is important to get medical advice from your doctor before opting for a massage.

You should also avoid a massage when you feel signs of morning sickness, normally characterized by nausea, vomiting, and general body weakness.

After the first trimester, your pregnancy is considered relatively stable. Even then, do not have a massage while lying on your back. The weight of your baby and the uterus can cause pressure to your blood vessels.
Pregnancy Massage Table

Prenetal Massages on Pregnancy Massage Tables

As the pregnancy advances, a woman might find getting comfortable massage postures challenging. Pregnancy massage tables are there to help.

Therapists should ensure that the massage table is of good quality and has a design that can accommodate a pregnant woman.

One of the benefits of using a pregnancy massage table over an ordinary one is that the therapist can give you a comprehensive massage without messing with your bump.

The therapist can maneuver through your body without asking you to stay in awkward postures.

2 Reasons Why Pregnancy Massage Tables Might Be Dangerous

Below, you should checkout the two reasons, why pregnancy massage tables might not be the best. Read them carefully.

Possible Back Pains

As your belly hangs in the (belly) hole on the massage table, a large section of your back is left unsupported. Exerting pressure on this area (during a massage) without support can cause you to suffer back pains. The very ones you were trying to avoid.

Tables Are Not Belly-Customized

Massage tables are not customized to a client’s belly size or shape, they are just one size. Lying on a massage table with a hole either too big, too wide, or too narrow, can make you feel uncomfortable. 

Alternatives to a Pregnancy Massage Table

You can make gradual adjustments to the massage positions as the pregnancy advances. Here are two options that you can adopt:

Lying on your sides:

This allows the therapist to work on your back without causing pressure on your uterus. It also allows easy access to all the back muscles that are normally strained during the pregnancy.

Using Pillows to Adjust the Lying Position:

Comfort is a key factor when considering a prenatal massage. You can use one or two pillows to support the uterus during a massage. If arranged properly, the pillows will help support your hip and shoulder areas too.

Adding pillows is a good way of ensuring that expectant women do not lie flat during the massage

Alternatives to a Pregnancy Massage Table

A prenatal massage will help ease the pains experienced on your journey to motherhood. However, getting a certified therapist to do the job is most important. The therapist should not only cater to your needs but also those of the unborn child. 

A qualified therapist will know how to handle and cater for pregnancy-related needs.