Massage Table Dimensions

Massage tables are available in different dimensions.

Choosing the right table size for your needs and those of your customers can be difficult.

Read on to find out how to easily select the right massage table.

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The Standard Massage Table Size

The industry-standard massage table width is 30 inches. However, you will find some tables measuring 28 and 32 inches. In terms of length, the standard measurement is 73 inches.

You will need to adjust the table’s length depending on the customer’s needs. Remember, the face cradle will add an extra 9 inches to your table.

With so many people embracing online shopping, chances are you will purchase your massage table from an online store.

Massage Table Dimensions

Unlike in physical stores, you have to rely on images when buying stuff online. It’s important to be sure of the dimensions before making a choice of massage table. While not all cheap massage tables are of poor quality, if customer reviews are anything to go by, some are substandard.

Never assume that all massage tables are the same when it comes to dimensions. Often, cheaper massage tables will be lightweight because:

  • They are distributed by scrupulous retailers
  • They are small in size and have fewer materials

16-centimeter massage tables can be ideal for some clients. This, however, won’t be the case for your bigger clients, who may have to contend with unsupported arms and shoulders.

Massage Table Width

Many massage therapists choose a 28-inch wide massage table.

Regardless of the width of massage table you choose, ensure that clients are comfortable whatever their size and shape. Your table should be wide enough to allow you to execute your treatment style with ease. An overly-wide massage table can force you to strain your back.

Choose a table that is narrow enough to ensure you are comfortable during the process. Massage therapists have varying postural training and capability.

Only you can figure out the right massage table width for your needs. For instance, a five-foot tall therapist may opt for a 30-inch wide massage table. On the other hand, a six-foot tall therapist who struggles with back problems may opt for a 25-inch table. Shorter therapists can use a 25-inch table comfortably while a 30-inch table would be suitable for taller therapists.

If in doubt, it may be best to visit a massage table store to find out what suits you - or choose one of the best massage tables.

Another way of determining what works for you is to make up a dummy table with cardboard. Cut the cardboard to your preferred dimensions, place them on a table, and lie on top. Envision your clients lying there and check whether the width is ideal for you and them.

Try different dimensions until you get the ones that suit you and your client’s best. Ensure you can comfortably get close enough to the table during the massage process.

Should you Choose a Narrow Massage Table?

If you’re searching for a lightweight massage table, you can choose a 25-inch width table. However, this could compromise your client’s comfort. A narrow table comes in handy for mobile therapists, particularly if they rely on public transport.

Massage Table Height

Today, many of the available massage tables feature height-adjustable legs. Your table of choice should come in the right height to accommodate your needs and make your clients comfortable.

They should also allow you to execute a wide variety of massage techniques.

As we mentioned above, the standard massage table height is 73 inches. However, you can still find different massage tables measuring between 60 and 80 inches.

How to Establish the Right Height

  • Assume a straight posture. Stand with your hands by your sides and clench your fists.
  • Measure the distance from the floor to your knuckles
  • The distance should be the height of your massage table
  • Add a few inches to make allowance for your clients

  • If you will be sharing the massage table with colleagues, you need to adjust the height regularly. You may also need to adjust the height depending on your client’s needs and to make them comfortable.

    A massage table should not only be versatile, but it also needs to be easy to adjust. Where possible, ensure you can adjust it within two to three minutes for convenience and to save time.

    Adjusting Your Massage Table's Height

    The right massage table height should allow therapists to utilize their body weight as opposed to using excess muscular effort. If you execute the massage while standing, for instance, your table should be at mid-thigh height.

    This incorporates the depth of your client’s body and the therapist’s height.

    This also helps you figure out whether you need to incorporate your body weight. Sometimes you may want to adjust the table in the middle of the massage.

    If your table isn’t hydraulic, you may want to stop the process and adjust the table first.

    Modern Massage Table Size Adjustments

    There are two advanced massage table height adjustment techniques. They are:

    Knob Twisting

    This technique is only available on wooden massage tables. If your table is wooden, you can look for two knobs on each side of the four legs. This allows for more reliability and added strength. If you are ordering from an online store, confirm the number of knobs on the legs.

    Often, cheaper massage tables may have only one knob. These are ineffective and prone to instability and eventual snapping when the table is raised higher.

    Telescopic Push Buttons

    This technique is used on aluminum massage tables. It’s similar to the push-button technique used on aluminum crutches. Adjusting the height of your table with this technique is reliable and takes just a few seconds for each leg.